Would you “invest” in $140 million Atlantic City “hush money” bonds?  Would your pension fund?
October 9, 2015

Last December, NJ State government loaned $40 million to Atlantic City government at an almost loanshark rate of 7.5%. This is part of a $140 million loan package where Atlantic City plans to borrow another $100 million more elsewhere. Normally, governments borrow money to build new roads, bridges, or buildings that benefit the city and […]

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Conservative real estate developer multi-millionaire Mauricio Macri just elected President of Argentina after defeating the candidate of the Peronist socialist power that had ruined that country’s economy during the past 12 years.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/23/us-argentina-election-idUSKBN0TB0XJ20151123#TgvMmTdQZvsFSQfm.97  During the campaign Macri said, “Argentina’s President should be like a soccer stadium groundskeeper, who mows the grass and marks the boundary lines–but […]

NJ Trial Lawyers Association (now re-named NJ Association for Justice) is “requesting” all members to “voluntarily” report their racial and ethnic characteristics so it can comply with its “diversity policy”.  Its November, 2015 newsletter states, “It is the policy of NJAJ to affirmatively seek and encourage the participation of minorities and women in all educational programs.   To that end, no […]

“Repudiate” means refuse to pay an illegal or unenforceable debt. Both Republicans and Democrats plan to double NJ gasoline tax after November elections—no matter who wins. They say we need more money to fix our roads and bridges. Not true! Continue reading...

Less government programs, spending, fewer employees. No full time pensions and benefits for part-time employees. Pay government employees same as private employees who do same work. Post all government employee and their jobs, salaries, and benefits on official government websites. Cut costs of insurance and lawsuits by ending claims for “hurt feelings” with no medical […]

Because both Sweeney Democrats and Christie Republicans pretend to believe Al Gore, they force NJ Board of Public Utilities to spend billions on “green energy” projects built by unions and contractors who give lots of campaign cash to both parties. This is why NJ electric bills are triple what they should be. This is why our natural gas bills keep going up, when South Jersey Gas is paying less than ever for its supplies. Continue reading...

The “smart” people in state politics and the media say we need higher gasoline taxes to fix our roads and bridges. They are wrong. Continue reading...

During the past five years, Chris Christie Republicans and Steve Sweeney Democrats put New Jersey even deeper in debt. New Jersey state government is not legally obligated to pay most of its long term debts, because NJ State Constitution only requires repayment of long term debts that are approved by voters in statewide referendums. During the past 40 years, both Republicans and Democrats borrowed roughly $200 billion without voter approval, knowing that the State Legislature can “repudiate” or legally refuse to pay such debts it at any time. Continue reading...

Line 4 of Atlantic City local government budget of 1978 with its first new casino: “Total General Appropriations: $37.3 million. Same line item in 2014: “$262.1 million”. Please check my math. I get a 600% increase over 36 years, or 17% per year. Atlantic City government has spending and debt problem–not revenue problem. If taxpayers […]

The Washington Examiner recently reported that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is under intense public pressure against his election as speaker and his revenge against Congressmen Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent, who have been removed from the Rules Committee as a result of their opposition to Boehner’s leadership. It is rumored that NJ Congressman Scott […]

(Reprinted from Current Newspapers of Atlantic County, January 8, 2015) Four years ago, I wrote  a column “How will Stockton repay $225 million in debt?    At that time Stockton College had just borrowed that much for a building and buying spree.  It spent $36 million for the Seaview Golf Resort,  $65 million for its “designed […]

Plans for Atlantic City?

January 9, 2015

Is Atlantic City headed for a Detroit style bankruptcy? Continue reading...

Janice Lenox and Michelle Mellon formed Concerned Citizens of New Jersey to work with parents and teachers to get Common Core curriculum out of NJ public schools. For a brief John Stossel video explaining why, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5q_6ifEYCE During the past year, they made phone calls, wrote letters, attended school board meetings, and met countless […]