NJ gasoline tax already high enough!   Problem is unconstitutional debt.
November 10, 2014

The “smart” people in state politics and the media say we need higher gasoline taxes to fix our roads and bridges.    They are wrong. We already pay $1.2 billion in state highway taxes.   They include a half billion dollars added at the pump,  $215 million on a hidden “petroleum tax” at the wholesale level,  and […]

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Many conservatives are rightfully angry at Republican leaders in Congress who fail to effectively oppose radical socialist agenda of Obama Democrats.   But the only way to win their respect and get their attention is to win elections.   Everyone who attended these classes in past said they were well worth the time and $50 fee.   If […]

Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman said he wants to triple current gasoline taxes of 14.5 cents per gallon.  His hearing at Hall A of Atlantic City Convention Center, 1 convention Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ is open to public.   A convention pass for NJ League of Municipalities Convention is NOT required.   Because hearing held in middle of […]

(Reprinted from the February, 2007 edition of the “South Jersey Insider Magazine”.   During the past five years, Chris Christie Republicans and Steve Sweeney Democrats put New Jersey even deeper in debt.    New Jersey state government is not legally obligated to pay most of its long term debts, because NJ State Constitution only requires repayment of long […]

This year, the Dolphin Dock marina in Somers Point, Bonelli’s Meat Market in Wildwood, and dozens of other small businesses like them shut down and never re-opened. The reason is simple.   Government in New Jersey is too big and too expensive.    Taxes are too high.   Too many laws and lawsuits do little good for anyone […]

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Anti-gun New Jersey judge poised to send Shaneen Allen to jail for honest mistake. Who will care for her children? Liberty and Prosperity stood with Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles, and others to defend the Second Amendment and help Ms. Allen. Continue reading...

Aren’t they the same people who already taxed, borrowed and spent more than a billion dollars on failures like three bus stations, two convention halls, a train station,  baseball stadium, opera house,  rodeo, and the Revel Casino?* Aren’t they the same people who support Mayor Guardian and his “business-as-usual” budget, no City Hall layoffs, a […]

Growing up in Atlantic City, our parents, grandparents, teachers and neighbors told us the stories they heard about Atlantic City when they were young.   They often spoke of how wonderful it was when people had so much freedom and opportunity.   Years later, we personally saw our city destroyed as all levels of government got even bigger and more expensive, […]

Let’s talk about our Declaration of Independence this July 4. During our last Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln inspired our nation by reminding us that our nation was “conceived in liberty” on July 4, 1776. On that day, our Declaration of Independence held these truths to be “self-evident”. “We are all created equal.   We are […]

Parents, teachers, and students have every right to be angry with the Egg Harbor Township public schools.   Their best students will no longer be taught advanced skills in mathematics and other important subjects needed to invent, create, think, and succeed on their own. Several hundred parents and teachers signed petitions and attended meetings of the […]

Fox News reports, “at least 100 dioceses–out of 195 in the United States–embrace some part of Common Core.”    The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is an example of one Diocese that has adopted the Common Core standards.   Fox News reports, “A ‘FAQ’ sheet circulated there assures worshippers that ‘as a set of instructional standards, the […]