This September 11 — Learn the remarkable story of local hero Richard Somers and first U.S. war against Jihad.
August 18, 2016

On the night of September 4, 1804,  26 year old Richard Somers and his entire crew were killed during a daring attack on Muslims who had declared Jihad on America and other non-Muslim nations.  Every September, the Somers Point, NJ community holds a ceremony to remember the remarkable story of our local hero and that forgotten war. […]

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Last night (Wednesday, August 17), City Council finally pushed back against 6 years of lawless, dishonest, and secret mismanagement of Atlantic City government by state officials under Republican Governor Chris Christie.  Last night, City Council rejected demands by state officials to dissolve its water utility so it could be taken over by the state.  It also […]

No “cash based balanced budget” in six years.   March 20 budget deadlines repeatedly ignored.   City officials “raided capital improvement and terminal leave funds” and agreed to sell water utility so private company can raise rates, dropped claims against state officials who imposed illegal budget with $71 million deficit on City last year, etc.    Then Gov. […]

 1.         Islam is Arabic for “submission” or “surrender”–not “peace”.   The popular Muslim name “Abdullah” means “slave of Allah”.    2.        Islam has  nothing in common with other modern world religions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism.    Islam is like the Shinto cult that inspired Japanese to blindly obey their Emperor and attack, kill,  rape, and rob people […]

The problem is the poison that is killing Atlantic City–and already making the rest of New Jersey sick. By Seth Grossman.   Published in Newark Start Ledger at: Years ago, Pennsylvania coal miners brought a caged canary when they worked underground. If it stopped singing, they knew there was poison that would soon kill them, […]

Article VIII of NJ State Constitution requires that all real estate be assessed “according to same standard of value” and taxed equally “at the general rate”.  It has some exceptions.  It allows tax breaks for veterans, farmers, senior and disabled citizens, charities, “structures in areas in need of rehabilitation”  and “blighted areas in need of […]

More than a dozen students signed up to start a Liberty and Prosperity Club at Stockton University.   That new club is also inspired by Liberty and Prosperity–the motto of New Jersey since 1776.  We are working very closely with it.   The club meets at 6pm on the first Wednesday of every month, and at 4:30 […]

By Seth Grossman, Executive Director. Seth Grossman is also a Somers Point attorney, and adjunct history professor at Atlantic Cape Community College.   He was an Atlantic City Councilman (1986-1990) and Atlantic County Freeholder (1989-1991). Atlantic City has a simple problem. Its local government and public schools spend far more than what its taxpayers can afford. […]

They claim Rite Aid’s contractors ignore “area standards”.  Union “area standards” are inflated wages for politically connected union companies, union run pension plans that are often mismanaged and insolvent, and inefficient work rules.  For example, in most non-union jobs, an electrician or plumber can break up and patch a sidewalk to run a wire or […]

About 50 Atlantic County residents came to our yearly fundraiser at Ventnor’s Carisbrooke Inn today to learn these undisputed facts from retired federal immigration investigator Michael Cutler:  “About 7,000 Americans are killed each year by people who were born in other countries. . .   Massive amounts of legal and illegal foreign workers are bringing down […]

The original NJ Casino Control Act of 1978 doomed Atlantic City with three sections that were “poison pills”. Poison Pill #1:  This section forced all casinos to be in big hotels with 500 rooms.   This gave a two year monopoly to Resorts International, the owner of only hotel in Atlantic City that already had […]

Before last month’s election, Assembly Republican Chris Brown, Democrat Vince Mazzeo, and their running mates spent a fortune on radio and TV ads and slick oversized mailings bashing each other to win our votes.   Now all of them, like most Christie Republicans and Sweeney Democrats ,  are quietly working to double NJ’s gasoline tax. The […]

“Repudiate” means refuse to pay an illegal or unenforceable debt. Both Republicans and Democrats plan to double NJ gasoline tax after November elections—no matter who wins. They say we need more money to fix our roads and bridges. Not true! Continue reading...