Education: Money does not Equal Success
April 4, 2014

Yesterday’s Senate Budget Committee hearing made it clear that money does not equal success when it comes to public education.’s Liberty Principles include: VII.          Allow parents to apply their share of state public education money to the schools they choose for the education of their children Rather than increase the amount of money spent […]

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Just met two wonderful 15 year old high school students working the store at the Atlantic County “Meadowview” nursing home in Northfield. They “volunteer” to work for no pay every Saturday. They need “volunteer credits” for admission to most colleges. In 1960′s, students loans not needed–a summer of work paid for a year of state […]

Vikki DeFilippo and Barbara Brown are two successful business women in Atlantic County who never had an interest in politics—until they signed up for our emails and heard conservatives complain about politicians at our Saturday breakfasts for more than a year.   But three weeks ago, these two women said it was time to do something.    […]

In Wichita, KS, a labor union tried to use public intimidation to force a car dealership to succumb to their demands. The Subaru dealership of Wichita, KS did not cave in to the union demands, after the union started a public protest that included posting a large banner sign in front of the dealership on a main road. Continue reading...

New Jersey is now in the bottom three of the fifty states, when it comes to credit ratings.   New Jersey shares this dubious distinction with California and Illinois.   Bloomberg reports: New Jersey’s credit rating was cut one step to A+ by Standard & Poor’s, which cited one-time measures to plug budget deficits that […]

We had Democrat welfare programs so long, that we can’t imagine poor people surviving without them. But in the heart of the black neighborhoods of Atlantic City, streets are still named after Republican leaders Lincoln, Grant, Blaine, and McKinley. No streets are named after Democrat Presidents Wilson or Roosevelt Continue reading...

Our slogan is “Do more than vote!”    Last Saturday, Barbara Brown of Absecon and Vikki DeFilippo of Brigantine did that and became candidates for two Atlantic County freeholder seats in June 3 primary election. They are running as Republicans against two current Republican freeholders,  John Risley and Alex Marino.  A third freeholder seat for Atlantic County District 3 that covers Egg Harbor […]

Because I was a candidate for Governor last year, the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission asked me to comment on NJ’s taxpayer financing of election campaigns at its hearing in Trenton on March 18.   My name is Seth Grossman.  I am now the Executive Director of Liberty and    Last year, I was a […]

Children in religious Jewish neighborhoods in Lakewood and Brooklyn dress up in costumes and deliver treats from house to house instead of asking for them–like a reverse Halloween. This is done to celebrate the delivery of scrolls containing “good news” throughout the Persian (Iranian) Empire 400 years before Jesus. (Those messages from the king with […] Continue reading...

Governor Chris Christie continues to disregard the will of Margate’s residents and appears intent on forcing Margate to participate in the dune project. Margate’s voters held a referendum, where they overwhelmingly declared that they do not want to participate in the dune project. Continue reading...

Last year, the College Board was worried by low SAT score that showed most high school seniors could not do  college work.  See  Last week, they fixed the problem–by dumbing down the tests!   See There will be no essay, simpler language will be used, and “the math section will draw on fewer topics”.    This is  “to help bridge […]

They made a deal with Democrats including Maxine Waters of California.    They busted federal budget for fourth time in less than a year to subsidize cheap flood insurance at the shore for a few more years.    See   Will Republican leaders also join with radical left Democrats to push through immigration amnesty in the next few weeks?   […]

For 30 years, roughly a dozen casino properties paid about 80% of Atlantic City and half of Atlantic County budget.  But with casinos assessed at $800 million now selling for $60 million, and with two casinos now closed, they are paying far less.    Everybody else must pay extra to make up the difference.    With NJ taxes, […]