Why June 2 Primary Elections are so important.   Why so few know it.
May 20, 2015

New Jersey’s Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 2, less than two weeks away.     You will get a sample ballot in the mail.  You can vote by mail or at your regular polling place. Very few people know how Primary Elections work.  Very few candidates are running.  Very few people will vote on June 2. […]

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State Senate President Steve Sweeney just quashed a bill that would have decriminalized the act of persons pumping their own gas in our state. Sen. Sweeney said “there is nothing wrong with the current system” and “it’s a matter of convenience, not safety.” For years we have been lead to believe that pumping our own […]

Is Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) really spending $1,390,000 to install a giant battery that will save one $175 monthly electric bill for one average-sized house? (See: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/…/article_eff7e485-e160-…) Why not buy a $350 clean natural/propane gas generator? Don’t these batteries have dangerous metals and chemicals that hurt the environment? How much will “green” disposal cost? […]

Atlantic City (Atlantic County):   Sharon Zappia, a homeowner and self-employed real estate agent is challenging organization backed Mike Lopez for  5th Ward City Council.   Lopez rented an apartment in Atlantic City and collected full salary from highly political “Special Improvement District”  and  “Casino Reinvestment and Development Agency” (CRDA) in Atlantic City while collecting full state […]

Show us the money!

May 18, 2015

There is a dynamic of rising costs coupled with declining property values in many towns.   This is a recipe for a continuous budget crisis.  One tool to assist the process is to show citizens how and where every tax dollar is spent.   Posting all government worker salary and public contract information online is a great […]

Alison Howard, an Atlantic County native, is now communications director for Concerned Women for America, a national organization with 500,000 members.    At our yearly fundraiser in Ventnor, at John Battista’s Carisbrooke Inn, Alison explained why the Obama campaign was so successful in winning the support of young people. “Within 72 hours, the Obama campaign got back […]

Why Utilities are so Expensive

February 16, 2015

Because both Sweeney Democrats and Christie Republicans pretend to believe Al Gore, they force NJ Board of Public Utilities to spend billions on “green energy” projects built by unions and contractors who give lots of campaign cash to both parties. This is why NJ electric bills are triple what they should be. This is why our natural gas bills keep going up, when South Jersey Gas is paying less than ever for its supplies. Continue reading...

Liberty and Prosperity advocates to make all laws and taxes simple and easily understood, and apply them equally to everyone. There are two problems here: Continue reading...

The “smart” people in state politics and the media say we need higher gasoline taxes to fix our roads and bridges. They are wrong. Continue reading...

During the past five years, Chris Christie Republicans and Steve Sweeney Democrats put New Jersey even deeper in debt. New Jersey state government is not legally obligated to pay most of its long term debts, because NJ State Constitution only requires repayment of long term debts that are approved by voters in statewide referendums. During the past 40 years, both Republicans and Democrats borrowed roughly $200 billion without voter approval, knowing that the State Legislature can “repudiate” or legally refuse to pay such debts it at any time. Continue reading...

Line 4 of Atlantic City local government budget of 1978 with its first new casino: “Total General Appropriations: $37.3 million. Same line item in 2014: “$262.1 million”. Please check my math. I get a 600% increase over 36 years, or 17% per year. Atlantic City government has spending and debt problem–not revenue problem. If taxpayers […]

The Washington Examiner recently reported that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is under intense public pressure against his election as speaker and his revenge against Congressmen Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent, who have been removed from the Rules Committee as a result of their opposition to Boehner’s leadership. It is rumored that NJ Congressman Scott […]

(Reprinted from Current Newspapers of Atlantic County, January 8, 2015) Four years ago, I wrote  a column “How will Stockton repay $225 million in debt?    At that time Stockton College had just borrowed that much for a building and buying spree.  It spent $36 million for the Seaview Golf Resort,  $65 million for its “designed […]