Little known details of Jewish Hanukkah should inspire and teach “Tea Party” conservatives.
December 18, 2014

Most Americans know that  Jews celebrate Hanukkah this time of year.  But very few know its details or history.  If they did,  the little known story of the “Miracle of Hanukkah” would inspire and guide Christians and “Tea Party” conservatives in America today. Most Jews know little about the Hanukkah story because Jewish rabbis blamed it […]

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We ended our weekly 9:30 to 10:30 am breakfast this morning to hear from Bill Haney of Burlington and half dozen others from Voice Over New Jersey (VONJ), a statewide political group.    We plan to propose statewide “Contract with New Jersey” applying Constitutional liberty to fix NJ problems. Ideas include enforce immigration laws, “restructure” […]

Raise wages and cut taxes by enforcing immigration laws. Avoid gas tax hike by “restructuring” unconstitutional $15.6 billion “Transportation Trust Fund Authority” debt and cutting construction costs. Restructure Stockton College debt and cut costs so that $25,000 tuition can be cut in half. Get “Common Core” and “PAARC” testing out of our public schools so […]

In the weeks ahead,   Frank LoBiondo and most Republicans in Congress plan to let our Democrat President give legal status to roughly 6 of the 20 million foreigners now in this country in violation of our “reformed” 1986 immigration laws.   They will legalize the rest later, along with millions who will continue to come.  See Rush […] presents ALISON HOWARD, Communications Director, Concerned Women for America – Frequent Guest on Fox & Friends
Carisbrooke Inn, 105 S. Little Rock Ave., Ventnor, NJ
Sunday, March 8, 2015 2:00 PM to 4:00
Wine and Cheese Fundraising Reception
Admit One — $75 Admit Two — $100
Alison Howard is Continue reading...

A brilliant, easy to understand explanation of how the President is violating the American system of law and justice. Continue reading...

This is like an old Star Trek episode, where the people who created robots to destroy their enemies died, but robots continued their mission. When Wall Street’s Morgan Stanley bought land for new casino in a remote Atlantic City neighborhood not suited for casinos, it used its money and political influence to get NJ Casino […]

Forgotten lesson of first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims began their colony as “progressive” Democrats. They didn’t start thinking like conservative Americans until after more than half died of starvation. “Liberty and Prosperity” became NJ’s motto in 1776 because Americans then knew from experience how liberty creates prosperity. (From c/o Brad Thor) Do you know the real […]

My Dad, Eli Grossman,  was drafted in 1942 for World War II.   Because the government paid his tuition for dental school, he was called up again as a dentist for Korea in 1950.  Dad gave generously to charities for wounded veterans, widows, and orphans—but never joined veteran’s  organizations. One day, I asked him why.   He told me, […]

(Reprinted from the February, 2007 edition of the “South Jersey Insider Magazine”.   During the past five years, Chris Christie Republicans and Steve Sweeney Democrats put New Jersey even deeper in debt.    New Jersey state government is not legally obligated to pay most of its long term debts, because NJ State Constitution only requires repayment of long […]

The “smart” people in state politics and the media say we need higher gasoline taxes to fix our roads and bridges. They are wrong. Continue reading...

This year, the Dolphin Dock marina in Somers Point, Bonelli’s Meat Market in Wildwood, and dozens of other small businesses like them shut down and never re-opened. The reason is simple.   Government in New Jersey is too big and too expensive.    Taxes are too high.   Too many laws and lawsuits do little good for anyone […]

They would not let visitors from infected countries get off their ships–until they were free of the disease for forty days.    “Quarantine” comes from the Italian word “quaranta” which means forty. The English word “quarantine” today means keeping  infected people away from those who are healthy. For roughly 700 years, public health officials routinely used quarantines […]