“No more Common Core” Symposium this Saturday in Vineland!
September 21, 2014

Over the years, constitutional conservatives like us and public school teachers disagreed on many issues. But today, we agree that the proposed Common Core curriculum being shoved down our throats by billionaires like Bill Gates, and “pay-to-play” politicians like Governor Christie is bad. Bad for our children. Bad for teachers. And very bad for America. Teachers are no longer allowed to inspire individual students to make the most of their talent. They are only permitted to program students to obey instructions and repeat what they are told. Teacher pay and promotions will soon depend on how well students do on standardized tests that measure how much of a national agenda they have absorbed. Every year, there is less time, less place, and less money to teach history, literature, mathematics, science, creativity, invention, or most importantly, independent critical thinking. This is happening now and will continue—unless we act now to stop it. Continue reading...

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Richard Somers Day Ceremony and Celebration was another success! Thank you, for your support. Click on the title link for video from the event. Continue reading...

*(What is “political correctness”?   Where did it come from?   Why is it dangerous?    This 28 minute video explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjaBpVzOohs.) On September 4, 1804, Somers Point native Richard Somers and the crew of his ship Intrepid were killed in Tripoli during America’s first war against Islamic terror. This Saturday, September 13, at 1pm, […]

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Anti-gun New Jersey judge poised to send Shaneen Allen to jail for honest mistake. Who will care for her children? Liberty and Prosperity stood with Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles, and others to defend the Second Amendment and help Ms. Allen. Continue reading...

Aren’t they the same people who already taxed, borrowed and spent more than a billion dollars on failures like three bus stations, two convention halls, a train station,  baseball stadium, opera house,  rodeo, and the Revel Casino?* Aren’t they the same people who support Mayor Guardian and his “business-as-usual” budget, no City Hall layoffs, a […]

Growing up in Atlantic City, our parents, grandparents, teachers and neighbors told us the stories they heard about Atlantic City when they were young.   They often spoke of how wonderful it was when people had so much freedom and opportunity.   Years later, we personally saw our city destroyed as all levels of government got even bigger and more expensive, […]

Let’s talk about our Declaration of Independence this July 4. During our last Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln inspired our nation by reminding us that our nation was “conceived in liberty” on July 4, 1776. On that day, our Declaration of Independence held these truths to be “self-evident”. “We are all created equal.   We are […]

Parents, teachers, and students have every right to be angry with the Egg Harbor Township public schools.   Their best students will no longer be taught advanced skills in mathematics and other important subjects needed to invent, create, think, and succeed on their own. Several hundred parents and teachers signed petitions and attended meetings of the […]

Fox News reports, “at least 100 dioceses–out of 195 in the United States–embrace some part of Common Core.”    The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is an example of one Diocese that has adopted the Common Core standards.   Fox News reports, “A ‘FAQ’ sheet circulated there assures worshippers that ‘as a set of instructional standards, the […]

New Jersey is now in the bottom three of the fifty states, when it comes to credit ratings.   New Jersey shares this dubious distinction with California and Illinois.   Bloomberg reports: New Jersey’s credit rating was cut one step to A+ by Standard & Poor’s, which cited one-time measures to plug budget deficits that […]

Yesterday’s Senate Budget Committee hearing made it clear that money does not equal success when it comes to public education.   LibertyandProsperity.org’s Liberty Principles include: VII.          Allow parents to apply their share of state public education money to the schools they choose for the education of their children Rather than increase the amount of money spent […]