Last April, we and three Atlantic County taxpayers filed a Superior Court lawsuit in Atlantic County to force City and State officials to follow NJ law and State Constitution.   NJ’s Local Budget Law requires each town and county in NJ to make a balanced budget by March of each year.    State officials ignored that law […]

The date of September 11 is important to radical Muslims, because September 11, 1683 was the day an invading Muslim army on its way to overrun Italy and conquer Rome was on the verge of breaking through its last obstacle of Vienna, Austria.     Surah (Chapter) 30 of the Koran, first written by followers […]

Last night (Wednesday, August 17), City Council finally pushed back against 6 years of lawless, dishonest, and secret mismanagement of Atlantic City government by state officials under Republican Governor Chris Christie.  Last night, City Council rejected demands by state officials to dissolve its water utility so it could be taken over by the state.  It also […]

No “cash based balanced budget” in six years.   March 20 budget deadlines repeatedly ignored.   City officials “raided capital improvement and terminal leave funds” and agreed to sell water utility so private company can raise rates, dropped claims against state officials who imposed illegal budget with $71 million deficit on City last year, etc.    Then Gov. […]

Seth Grossman, Executive Director and Attorney for the South Jersey organization Liberty and Prosperity urged Atlantic City Council members to reject the $73 million “bridge loan” from the State if Judge Mendez grants its application to void a resolution approved by four council members at a closed meeting last month.    Papers filed by the group […]

Click here to visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page.   Top posts this week with (number of people “reached”) are:   “Blatant Illegal Robbery of Atlantic City” (29,175), “Irish-The Forgotten White Slaves”  (7,759), “Assange to CNN’s Cooper–We have proof Clinton is rigging election”.  (3,776), “I don’t like when people call me an African-American.  I was born […]

If they voted “No”, please personally thank them.   Please publish a letter to the editor in your local paper thanking them.   Please thank them on Facebook and on every blog you can.   Please make a personal commitment to give them money and support to re-elect them next year. If they voted “Yes”, please tell them […]

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One week after Christie Republicans and Sweeney/Norcross/Prieto Democrats gave all 8 Atlantic City casinos a 10 year tax break, Boyd Gaming sold its half-interest in the Borgata Casino to MGM Resorts, owner of the other half for s record $900 million. This arms-length, market sale of half the casino, gives the entire Borgata Casino a […]

For months, Republican Governor Christie and Democrats like Sweeney and Norcross controlled the narrative.   They convinced most of the state that Atlantic City government was broken, and they knew how to fix it.      Thanks to your letters to the editor, calls to local talk radio programs, and posts, “shares”, “likes”, and “comments” on Facebook and […]