NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) just gave S. J. Gas OK to install these gas pipes underground along about 20 miles of rural roads in South Jersey.   They will bring cheap, clean, and plentiful natural gas from Pennsylvania to Marmora so old coal electric power plant by Parkway Milepost 27 can stay open.   Pipeline will also […]

Is it to protect Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks who got obscene “transaction fees”  for their $16 billion of bond deals  with NJ Transportation Fund Authority?   Or  “trust fund babies” of millionaires and billionaires who get  6% tax free interest on their inherited fortunes?    Note “Steve Lonegan language” on  “Offering Statement”.    “Independent” authority borrowed this money.   […]

We thank Rich Maxwell, Ike Rucker, and other event organizers for including in this remarkably inspiring and well organized parade and ceremony. Instead of marching in the parade this year, nine  Liberty and Prosperity  volunteers handed out these postcards along the parade route.  They explain why  July 4 is so important.  July 4, 1776 was when our […]

(Submitted by L.G., an active conservative from Monmouth County who recently moved to a low–tax state.   She was responding to this week’s email updated where we discussed the Fugs song “Wide Wide River” from 1969.  That song –Caution–Lyrics are vulgar– described mood of “progressive” Democrats when they were as hopeless and beaten down as we are today.   Five years later, those “progressive” Democrats […]

KAHANE, WILLIAM ISRAEL “Will” – 69, of Ventnor, passed away on June 23, 2015. Born in Rimalev, Poland/Ukraine.  He came to the U.S. at age 4.  His family settled in Vineland where they, like many Jewish Holocaust survivors, became chicken farmers.  He graduated Rutgers University on a Baron DeHirsch Scholarship for sons of Jewish farmers.   He served in U.S. […]

  Posted by Rick Ackerman, Stock Analyst at   Rick graduated Atlantic City High School in 1967. I first aired this commentary more than a year ago but am republishing it because the public-employee pension problem it describes has only grown more dire. Some of the best writing on this topic has been done by my […]

Events happen so fast that our small group of volunteers cannot quickly react to them on this website.  However, we are very active on Facebook and Twitter.   Please click here to visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.    Last week, our Facebook posts “reached” 34,889 people and “engaged” 3,677 of them.   If you like our Facebook posts, please “like” our Facebook Page.   When “like” our […]

Italian Nationalists are Refusing to Accept Renzi and the EUSSR’s “Migrants” in their Territories The scale of illegal Africans invading Italy’s shores is increasing, and according to Michael Fallon, a senior British Royal Navy officer, approximately 500,000 migrants are converging on Libya to cross the Mediterranean and enter European territory.  Many of these African invaders will […]

They burn fossil fuels for steam at night and cloudy days. They fry thousands of birds. They cost way more than gas or nuclear. But “progressive” Democrats love them. They triple electric bills so even more people need help from government. And they get big campaign cash from their insider friends who build them.  See […]

    The Gateway Playhouse in Somers Point, NJ  looks like a rundown warehouse, because it was was built as a warehouse in late 1800’s.    In early 1900’s,  the old owner  made extra money setting up seats and a  screen and showing movies to tourists in the summer.  (Liquor was banned in Ocean City, so […]