Any time between 10 am and 4pm.  Students and non-student members of South Jersey community are invited to meet at Table #24 at F Wing Atrium (outside library). “We need to talk to students about at Stockton’s ‘Get Involved Fair’”,  Seth Grossman, the group’s Executive Director, announced yesterday. “Stockton University spends lots of time […]

The Press of Atlantic City claimed in its headline that Richard Stockton, one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, was a slave owner.   Because of that, his statue was removed from display at Stockton University.  But was he?  And if he were, should that fact alone deny him recognition and admiration? […]

Richard Somers was born in 1778 in Somers Point, which was then part of Egg Harbor Township.   He grew up in a small house behind his father’s tavern at the corner of what is now Shore Road and Bethel Road. Like most Americans at the time, Richard Somers finished school at age 16.   […]

Steve Jones, one of our members,  just produced these three new videos based on our one minute radio spots.    Our radio spots and videos show how traditional Americans principles of liberty can be applied to our most serious problems today. Please view them at the links below.   If you like them, please post […]

On 4/19/2017. John Longinetti of Little Egg Harbor published this Letter to the Editor in the Press of Atlantic City. “Calling Mexican people ‘immigrants’ doesn’t seem accurate.  ‘Mexicans’ were Americans centuries before Europeans arrived here.  The earliest explorers from Europe who settled in America were Spanish, and their language was also Spanish”. Don’t blame him.  […]

The NJ “Economic Development Authority” agreed to pay $38.4 million of a proposed Polercoaster” rollercoaster to be built in Atlantic City for $138 million.  Click here for link to full Press of Atlantic City article. The new roller coaster would be on the site of the former Sands Casino, which was demolished by its owner […]

During the past six years, LoBiondo voted with Republican leaders for roughly 60 bills to repeal Obamacare.  Each time, they knew Democratic President Obama would veto them. Yet he and Republican leaders refuse to introduce any of those same bills today, because they know Republican President Trump would sign them into law.  What hypocrisy! LoBiondo was […]

           Yesterday, sunrise was just about 6 hours A.M. (Short for “Ante Meridian”, Latin for Before High Noon).    The sun set yesterday at about 6 P.M. (Short for Post Meridian (Latin for After Mid-Day).   Yesterday 12:00 Noon was really High Noon.  The sun was directly overhead with six hours of sunlight behind us, and six […]

4:30 pm, Room F-206.  Pizza and drinks. Stockton University is named after a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  That Declaration is reproduced on a giant mural behind the Campus Center.    However, it is almost impossible to read its words.  And those words are rarely mentioned in class or campus events. “We hold these truths […]

Although most towns are holding their school election on April 25, Linwood in Atlantic County is voting this Tuesday, March 14.   That is because Linwood voted to switch from an appointed School Board  to an Elected Board last November.   What a waste of energy! If candidates for school board elections  seriously wanted to make their […]