Click Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page for new posts every day.    Did 50 years of welfare state, public schools, media, and Hollywood pop culture cause more long term damage to American blacks than 350 years of slavery?    Sheriff David Clark puts Don Lemon in his place on CNN.    NJ “Civil Rights” laws give us high […]

If they voted “No”, please personally thank them.   Please publish a letter to the editor in your local paper thanking them.   Please thank them on Facebook and on every blog you can.   Please make a personal commitment to give them money and support to re-elect them next year. If they voted “Yes”, please tell them […]

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One week after Christie Republicans and Sweeney/Norcross/Prieto Democrats gave all 8 Atlantic City casinos a 10 year tax break, Boyd Gaming sold its half-interest in the Borgata Casino to MGM Resorts, owner of the other half for s record $900 million. This arms-length, market sale of half the casino, gives the entire Borgata Casino a […]

For months, Republican Governor Christie and Democrats like Sweeney and Norcross controlled the narrative.   They convinced most of the state that Atlantic City government was broken, and they knew how to fix it.      Thanks to your letters to the editor, calls to local talk radio programs, and posts, “shares”, “likes”, and “comments” on Facebook and […]

The original 1978 Casino Act that politically castrated the casino industry in NJ is a big part of what killed Atlantic City.    The people who paid 80% of the taxes had zero voice on how that money was spent.    Politicians then forced casinos to stuff Atlantic City with low income housing that didn’t pay real […]

Almost every day, we are lied to about solar panels and wind turbines.   They don’t cut carbon dioxide or stop global warming.   They don’t save money.   They also kill far more jobs than they create, because they force electric companies to roughly triple their rates. Every sixth grader should know that the Ice Age is […]

Check out the movie trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary. Continue reading... was founded in 2003 and is now in its 13th year.   During that time, many other similar groups have come and gone.   One important reason we have succeeded for so long is that we make all decisions at regular business meetings run by parliamentary procedure on the second Saturday of every month.  Because of […]

They claim Rite Aid’s contractors ignore “area standards”.  Union “area standards” are inflated wages for politically connected union companies, union run pension plans that are often mismanaged and insolvent, and inefficient work rules.  For example, in most non-union jobs, an electrician or plumber can break up and patch a sidewalk to run a wire or […]