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In both its “Understanding your School Budget and Taxes” information sheet and presentation at tonight’s meeting, school administrators explained how Gov. Christie shortchanged Galloway out of $4.1 million (15 cents on tax rate) of its share of  “Property Tax Relief Fund”  created by NJ State Income Tax.  State also forced Galloway to pay for such expensive new […]

Chicago gangster Al Capone and his wife went to Miami, Florida for a long vacation during the winter of 1928-1929.  While he was away, his top lieutenants ambushed and gunned down his main rivals–the Bugs Moran gang–in what became known as the Valentine’s Day massacre.   Capone’s extended vacation was part of his plan to avoid […]

Press of Atlantic City, now owned by Obama’s “progressive” billionaire Warren Buffet, finally reported 82 people killed on Route 47 between Millville and Wildwood during past 25 years–not counting Rt 347 shortcut. Press doesn’t mention obvious solution–finish Route 55, a modern 4-lane divided highway to by-pass death-traps. But Sierra Club and “progressive” environmentalists would rather […]

How will it all end?

July 20, 2014

Rick Ackerman, a well-known Colorado financial analyst who graduated Atlantic City High School in 1967 was back in Margate last night for a special class reunion at the Log Cabin.  He talked about some of  his views posted at   We are not financial experts, give no opinion, and make no endorsement on any of his financial advice […]

We locals know the idea is ridiculous.  Cruise ships are too big, our Inlet is too small, and the ocean around us is too rough, shallow, unpredictable and dangerous. But most locals also knew the Revel Casino, the rodeo,  the baseball stadium, the  hundred million dollar Boardwalk Hall were ridiculous. In the real world of […]

When Democratic Senate President Sweeney demands a new tax on “millionaires” to bail out NJ pension funds, he never says that that thousands of retired government employees are millionaires themselves–especially part-time politicians and other insiders who “juiced” their pensions just before they retired–like Senator Codey’s brother.   Many are younger than age 55.   Many still work […]

Atlantic County Republican Freeholders tabled (delayed a vote) on a bad and unnecessary tax at their meeting in Pleasantville today. But why didn’t they just vote it down? Why prolong an issue that portrays Republicans as “mean”, and helps Democrats every time it gets media attention? Continue reading...

Did Atlantic Republican Freeholders Marino, Pauls, and Risley read the ordinance they voted for?   At the hearing last week, they said the Republican County Executive and 7-2 Republican freeholder majority will decide how the $250,000 collected from the new tax each year will be spent. But the ordinance is cleverly written to make sure that […]

Only 5,100 people voted in the Republican Primary Election in Atlantic County last Tuesday. Barbara Brown who ran as a ‘Liberty and Prosperity Republican’ got 730 votes, or 14% of that vote. Her running-mate Vikki DeFelippo also got 14% with 719 votes. Continue reading...