Nothing personal, but. . . During past 7 years, Christie broke almost every promise he made when he ran against Conservative Steve Lonegan in June Primary, and Wall Street Democrat Jon Corzine in November, 2009.   This is SOME of what Christie did.  He: 1. Caused more households to move out of NJ than from any other state during 4 […]

Local government built Convention Hall in 1929 with no state help and ran it for almost 50 years.   When there were no conventions, it was used for ice skating, sports, and entertainment.   State complained city not attracting enough business and losing $500K per year and took over.  State borrowed $99 million to fix it for […]

At National Prayer Breakfast one year ago, President Obama repeated the Communist and Islamic “big lie” that Christians began war against Muslims with Crusades one thousand years ago.   That same lie is taught in the “Enduring Vision” textbook students must buy in U.S. History course I teach.   Sad truth is that Crusades were too little, too […]

“When it is all said and done, the so-called New Left has simply moved into a political vacuum that exists on our college campuses, and has utilized the resourceful tactics and psychological strategems of the Communist left to direct the growing student rebellion. “We have been content to simply respond to specific outrages committed by […]

This political “peace symbol” from 1960’s on Dawes Ave. Elementary School in Somers Point, NJ is no longer cute.  As enemies plot and prepare every day to kill us, we need to prepare young people to defend themselves–and our country. As George Orwell explained in 1942: “Pacifism today is objectively pro-Fascist. . . If you hamper […]

While many American “experts” tell us only a small minority of Muslims support Jihad or that Jihad has a non-threatening “spiritual” meeting to most Muslims, mainstream Muslim scholars suggest something far different.   This piece was posted just two months after the 9/11/2001 murders of 3,000 Americans.   It is still online and still very popular.   It does not even hint […]

Conservative real estate developer multi-millionaire Mauricio Macri just elected President of Argentina after defeating the candidate of the Peronist socialist power that had ruined that country’s economy during the past 12 years.  During the campaign Macri said, “Argentina’s President should be like a soccer stadium groundskeeper, who mows the grass and marks the boundary lines–but […]

NJ Trial Lawyers Association (now re-named NJ Association for Justice) is “requesting” all members to “voluntarily” report their racial and ethnic characteristics so it can comply with its “diversity policy”.  Its November, 2015 newsletter states, “It is the policy of NJAJ to affirmatively seek and encourage the participation of minorities and women in all educational programs.   To that end, no […]

Candidates recognized for supporting Liberty and Prosperity activities and/or positions marked with (*).  Results indicate voting machine results on election day only, and do NOT include mail or provisional paper ballots.  Winning candidates in bold.   Atlantic County Executive Rep – Dennis LEVINSON*  25,305  62.96% Dem – James SCHROEDER   14,868  37.00% Atlantic County Surrogate Rep – James CURCIO*     20,812   52.16% […]

Six candidates are running for three open slots on Egg Harbor Township Board of Education.   Five came to our Saturday breakfasts.  We evaluated the candidates and are posting our unanimous findings.   We believe these three candidates have the knowledge and commitment to advance Point #7 of our Nine Point Program for Liberty and Prosperity in NJ for 2015. […]