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Second day teaching U.S. History I at Atlantic Cape Community College. Hard to explain “Age of Exploration” without teaching conquest of Christian Constantinople (now Istanbul) by Muslim Turks in 1453. Constantinople was the capital of Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire, for a thousand years. It had the largest church in the world (Sancta Sophia—Holy Wisdom). […]

Raise wages and cut taxes by enforcing immigration laws. Avoid gas tax hike by “restructuring” unconstitutional $15.6 billion “Transportation Trust Fund Authority” debt and cutting construction costs. Restructure Stockton College debt and cut costs so that $25,000 tuition can be cut in half. Get “Common Core” and “PAARC” testing out of our public schools so […]

But the true story is even more inspiring. He was first elected to Congress as an Andrew Jackson Democrat in 1826. But he was re-elected in 1828 as an anti-Jackson “Whig” (a new party named after party that fought to limit power of king in England). Crockett opposed Jackson Democrats for ignoring Constitution and using […]

The owner and employees of the Taj Mahal Casino, are begging for $175 million dollars of tax cuts  and government bail outs to keep their place open. They are right when they say high taxes in New Jersey are putting them out of business.   But they are wrong in wanting everyone else to pay more, […]

Whenever gas price goes up,  politicians, government bureaucrats, TV news reporters, and the popular culture all rush to blame price hikes on “corporate greed”, “Big Oil”, gouging gas station owners, and all sorts of conspiracies. But all these people have nothing to say when prices go down.    If they did, more people would understand that prices […]

Shaneen Allen admitted into PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention probationary program) instead of criminal prosecution. This is good for Shaneen Allen, good for America, and good for the conservative movement. Continue reading...

Richard Somers Day Ceremony and Celebration was another success! Thank you, for your support. Click on the title link for video from the event. Continue reading...

*(What is “political correctness”?   Where did it come from?   Why is it dangerous?    This 28 minute video explains it: On September 4, 1804, Somers Point native Richard Somers and the crew of his ship Intrepid were killed in Tripoli during America’s first war against Islamic terror. This Saturday, September 13, at 1pm, […]

(Reprint of column published by Press of Atlantic City on 9/1/2013 at: Richard Somers was born in 1778, the year George Washington chased the British out of Philadelphia during the American Revolution. Like most Americans back then, he finished school at age 16, with better knowledge of reading, writing, math, and science than most […]