Although most towns are holding their school election on April 25, Linwood in Atlantic County is voting this Tuesday, March 14.   That is because Linwood voted to switch from an appointed School Board  to an Elected Board last November.   What a waste of energy! If candidates for school board elections  seriously wanted to make their […]

A typical hate cartoon against Jews from the Nazi newspaper “Die Stuermer”  (The Stormtrooper) in 1930’s is on the left.   A typical hate cartoon against by Obama/Clinton Democrats against Trump Republicans in America is on the right.   That hate cartoon against Trump Republicans was published by The Press of Atlantic City last Friday, March 3, […]

But the dishonest media and Obama/Clinton Democrats are falsely blaming Trump. Reprinted from our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page.  Original post at of February 22, 2017.  If you like our posts, please “like” our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page so we can reach more people. Thanks.

During our weekly Saturday breakfast meetings at the Shore Diner, we at agreed on these positions for 7 Key Issues facing New Jersey.   Which candidates for Governor, State Senate, and State Assembly support our views?  It is not too late to search for new candidates to run in the June Primary Elections for both […]

Juan Puig, Anthony Zanowic, Michael Alonso, and Jack Butchko among others from “Real Republicans of Bayonne” who braved 8 degree cold and non-existent parking spaces to meet at Robert’s Cafe for a Liberty and Prosperity seminar last Thursday night.   Besides being an attorney and former Atlantic City councilman and freeholder, Seth Grossman is an […]

Although many of our members are away for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weekends, many of our most active and outspoken members make a point of attending our breakfasts then.   That often gives us a chance to meet college students and other family members home for the holidays who normally cannot attend.    Please meet us at […]

Reposted from October 31, 2016 post of Route 40 Blog. Elinor Comlay Seth Grossman, executive director of Liberty and Prosperity, in his office in Somers Point on Monday, Oct. 31. Grossman is considering legal action against tax abatements that are affecting Atlantic City and Atlantic County’s finances. Atlantic City’s patchwork of tax agreements that lets […]

Atlantic City Public Schools spend $27,000 on each student every year.    However, far too many parents are not satisfied with the education their children get for that money.   Many struggle to pay tuition for private schools.   Others transfer legal custody to relatives  in other towns, so their kids can attend better schools there. City Council member Jesse Kurtz proposed […]

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When Republican Don Guardian ran for Mayor in Atlantic City, a mostly Democratic town, he promised to be a one time mayor, who would make the tough choices to cut spending, regardless of the political consequences. But as soon as he was elected, his top priority was this lavish, pay-to-play inauguration worth of the Clinton […]