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LibertyandProsperity.org Click here for Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page. Click here for RepudiateNJ.com 1.  What happens to America, happens to Atlantic City first! Atlantic City is spending  $106 million more than it took in for 6th straight year–Total debt now $600 million.  U.S. government spending over $600 billion more than it took in–for 8th straight […]

Click here for Website: LibertyandProsperity.org Click here for Facebook Page:  Liberty and Prosperity Click here for details on why taxpayers have no legal or moral obligation to bail out Wall Street banks and NJ Transportation Trust Fund.   RepudiateNJ.com Click here for 60 second Gas Tax Video. Click here for 60 second video on local hero Richard […]

LibertyandProsperity.org Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page (If you like our posts, please “like” our Facebook Page so we can “reach” more people.   If you are near Atlantic City, please join us for breakfast 9:30 AM any Saturday at Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36.   Please copy and paste and forward this as email to your […]

www.libertyandprosperity.org Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page www.RepudiateNJ.com With your help, we can change the conversation on NJ Gas Tax Hike.   Most people know how bad it is.    Most people know that we don’t just pay gas tax at the pump.   Everything we buy, make, or build pays gas tax because everything gets to us by car or […]

Last month, state politicians “rescued” Atlantic City government with more unsustainable debt and spending–and 10 year tax breaks for casino hotels. This month, it’s another Titanic “rescue”.   This time it’s for the mismanaged NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority and holders of its high-interest, tax-free junk bonds.  Once again, lifeboats for the rich.  Everybody else […]

Please forward this email to your mayor and other officials. Just 30 minutes of your time can make a BIG difference Please read this email carefully.   Then please forward (or copy and paste message)  to your mayor and all local, county, and state officials who represent you. Please send a cc or bcc to us […]

Atlantic City government and public schools spend so much that not even casinos can afford property taxes there. For 37 years, local government spending alone went from $37 million per year to $262 million per year–an average increase of 16% each and every year–even though Atlantic City LOST population. That was because Atlantic City had “taxation without representation” and “representation […]

Click here for: Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page Former Bogota Mayor, Governor Candidate Steve Lonegan to promote Ted Cruz at Shore Diner tomorrow, Thursday, March 10 from 9 am to 11:30am. Business/Board Meeting this Saturday, March 12 at Shore Diner starting 9:30 A.M. Lonegan will talk about Ted Cruz, the campaign, and will look for […]

Meet retired, anti-terror immigration officer Michael Cutler at our yearly wine and cheese fundraiser.   Carisbrooke Inn, Boardwalk and Little Rock Ave.,  Ventnor, NJ 08406.  Sunday, Feb 21:  2pm to 4pm. $75 per person, $100 couple.   Limited seating $250 VIP breakfast with Michael Cutler 11 am.  Details at www.libertyandprosperity.org Or contact info@libertyandprosperity.org or (609) 927-7333 Also […]

www.RepudiateNJ.com is now online! Only way to fix damage from 1968 NJ Supreme Court case that ruined NJ economy with unsustainable debt, taxes, and corruption. www.libertyandprosperity.org Please forward this email to everyone you know.   Let’s make “repudiate” a household word in NJ! “Repudiate: To reject as unauthorized, untrue,  or unjust.  To refuse to acknowledge or pay”.      We have […]