Call Local Talk Radio

We know of five major talk radio stations along the shore in South Jersey.  If you know of others, please let us know at so we can update our list.

Please keep these points in mind when you make an on-air phone call to a local talk radio program:

1.   Always be prepared, and have your talking points written in front of you.

2.   Try not to cover more than one or two talking points during any conversation, although you should be prepared to defend your position on those one or two points if you are challenged.   When you listen to other on-air callers, you will notice that people who talk longer than that, or who jump from point to point are less effective, and often detract from good points they made at the beginning of conversation.

3.  Never argue with or insult the host–he/she always gets the last word.

3.  Be prepared to politely end the conversation when you finish making the points you want to make–if the host drags you into areas you are not prepared for.   You can honestly say, “I just wanted your listeners to know about this point” or “I did not hear or read much about that  (other point), and I would like to look up a few things before I talk about it”.

4.  If you can do it comfortably, mention that the host can find more information at

5.  Good luck!

1340 AM Atlantic City and 1210 AM Wildwood:  (Heard along South Jersey beaches from Long Beach Island down to Ocean City, Maryland.)    These stations play Oldies hits from 1950’s through 1980’s and Phillies Baseball during the summer season.   However, from Noon to 3 PM Mondays through Fridays, they carry the Rush Limbaugh Program.    We also run two one minute messages for Liberty and Prosperity on local and New Jersey issues during the Rush Limbaugh Program.  Although this station does not have local two-way talk programs, you may find it helpful to listen to our messages on local issues, and the way Rush Limbaugh handles calls on his program.  Rush Limbaugh once said that he used to be a disc jockey who played songs on the radio and that “There are good songs and bad songs, and that a good disc jockey knows how to play good songs.   In talk radio, there are good calls and bad calls, and a  good talk show host knows how to have good calls on his program”.

1400AM   Linwood:   (Heard along the South Jersey beaches from Toms River to Wildwood.)   It can also be heard online at    It generally has local two way talk programs on public issues Mondays through Fridays from 6AM to 10PM., and various times on Saturdays and Sundays.  For details, click   To talk on the air, call 609-927-1100.

1450 AM  and 104.1 FM Northfield:  (1450 AM is also heard along shore towns from Toms River to Wildwood, but 104.1 FM is also heard inland through much of South Jersey.   It can also be heard online at  Harry Hurley hosts a popular local talk radio program Mondays through Fridays from 6AM to 10 AM.  His on-air phone number is (609) 407-1450

1020AM Ocean City, NJ:   (Heard in Ocean City, New Jersey area from Absecon, New Jersey to Stone Harbor.   It only broadcasts during daylight hours.)     It has one local talk radio program.    It is the “King” Arthur Program.     “King” Arthur and various guests talk about Atlantic City and South Jersey issues  Saturdays 7 – 10 AM.    On-Air Phone Number is 609-398-1020.

1160AM and 1310 AM and 92.7 FM Toms River, NJ:   can be reached in most of Monmouth, Ocean, and Atlantic Counties.    It can also be heard online at    The station has a mostly music format, except Sunday mornings 7AM to 11 AM.    During that time, Bob Levy, a former owner of the station hosts four hours of unscreened, unfiltered calls on every possible topic.     However, it has a very large audience, and is worth waiting on hold to get your message across.   His on-air phone number is (732-237-WOBM or 732-237-9626)

101.5 FM New Jersey Statewide:   “NJ 101.5” can be reached in most of New Jersey from the Mainland portions of Atlantic and Camden Counties to Morris and Hudson Counties in the North.    The top state-wide talk radio station is NJ 101.5.   101.5 FM radio at and on air call-in number of 800-283-1015.