“Liberty and Prosperity is run by approximately 27 voting members   Voting
members must support the goals of the organization set forth in our by-laws,
and in out Eight Point Program for 2014.  They must also be a U.S. citizen
over the age of 16, pay $60 dues and attend at least three business meetings
per year, and take charge of at least one volunteer project approved by the
Board each year.    If you would like to be a voting member, please apply at
our office, at any breakfast meeting, or at
Each new member must be nominated by the Board of Trustees or Nominating
Committee, and then approved for membership at the next regular business

If you are unwilling or unable to make that commitment right now, you are
welcome to be a non-voting member.   Non-voting members may attend and
participate in all meetings, but cannot vote.  Non-voting members must also
be nominated by the Board or Nominating Committee.  However, non-voting dues
are only $30 per year.  Although non-voting members are encouraged to attend
meetings and work on volunteer projects, they are not obligated to do so.”

One-time membership payment