Only When the Money Runs Out Will Young People Think for Themselves

January 2, 2013

“Students will question the lies they were taught in school. . . But not until the money runs out.”

“Our own society owes itself to the writers of the Enlightenment.  But we fail to espouse the movement’s central principle—doubt.   Doubt everything.   We study what is.  Never why.  Never what should be.   For that reason, the education we have received here is not only incomplete.  It is entirely hollow. . .

“I was moved by the countless hours wasted in these halls.     I know how highly this community values learning, and I urge you all to re-evaluate what it means to be educated.“
Kareem Elnahal “Unapproved” Commencement Speech.  Mainland Regional High School.   June, 2006.

When his classmates recognized the truth of that speech, they stood up and cheered.

When the school principal and administrators heard that truth, they reacted in a different way by cutting off  his microphone.  Later they publicly and privately denounced Elnahal’s  “selfishness”, “disloyalty”, and “lack of gratitude”.   Then they spent months creating new rules and procedures to stop any future students from doing the same thing.

That incident inspired my first column for this newspaper.    In each of my 338 columns since then  I tried to educate you, the reader, in the same ways Elnahal wanted to be educated at Mainland High School.   By raising doubt, challenging beliefs, and provoking discussion.

President Abraham Lincoln is said to have once remarked, “The philosophy of the classroom today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow”.

After more than six years, the philosophy of Mainland Regional High School (which is typical of  most public high schools in America) is now the philosophy of national, state and local government in the United States today.    That philosophy is something like this:

1.       Take the courses, get the grades, join the clubs, and play the sports that help you get  into college.   Don’t get a real job during the summer.   Instead train for an obscure sport that gets big college scholarships or be an intern for a  “non-profit”  help the homeless, the environment, or some other worthy “progressive” cause.

2.      Put you and your family deeply into debt to go to college.    Take the courses, get the grades, play the sports and join the clubs that will look good on a resume for a job with the government, or a “public” corporation or non-profit funded by the government.

3.      If you don’t have inherited wealth or connections, be satisfied after college with an unskilled job that doesn’t need your degree–Or a low-pay, no-future job with a taxpayer funded “non-profit” organization for some “progressive” cause.   If you can’t get “affordable” government housing, move  back home with Mom and Dad.  In any case, always vote for Democrats because “they care”.   And will give you more unemployment benefits, food stamps, free healthcare, free contraceptives, (free everything if you claim to be a hurricane victim), and the cancellation of all student loans.

4.      Since the “American Dream” of  individual success and achievement is built on evil aggression, racism, and environmental destruction, it is OK not to know how to start up or run a business, prepare a simple contract, or apply for a building permit or mercantile license.

5.      And you can get even more free stuff  if we didn’t waste money on a military to defend our country.   We would all be safer if the whole country were a  “gun free” zone – just like an elementary school.
The philosophy of  yesterday’s public high school is today’s philosophy of government.    The “news” on Yahoo, AOL, and MSNBC  is a rehash of yesterday’s high school current events.    During the “hurricane”, most citizens supported federal and state officials who treated them like children.

Is there any hope of changing this?

Not right away.    We can’t expect young people to believe that liberty brings prosperity when Republicans like NJ Governor Chris Christie and House Speaker John Boehner join Democrats and the “progressive” media in falsely claiming that government spending and “green energy” (and higher electric bills) “create jobs”.

But socialism and communism always fail because they always run out of other people’s money.   Right now, the federal government is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar it spends.  The NJ pension and Social Security “trust” funds are insolvent.   What is now happening in Greece and Spain will soon happen here.

Only when the money runs out will today’s young people start thinking for themselves like Kareem Elnahal did six years ago.   Only then will they question the lies they were taught.   And the understand the truth of  New Jersey’s motto, “Liberty and Prosperity”, which they were never taught.

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